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Soil Organic Carbon

Soil Organic Carbon:

For example, if there is 1% SOC over 30 cm soil depth, the amount of SOC stored over 1 hectare of land can weigh about 42 tonnes (see last section). Usually, the surface layer has the highest level of SOC which decreases with depth down the soil profile. The actual amount of SOC present in a soil is dependent on a number of factors. 

Density of the soil to the sampling depth and the sampling depth is needed. As an example, if SOC = 1.0 % and bulk density of the soil = 1.4 Mg/m3  to 30 cm depth (1 Mg = 1000 kg = 1 tonne), the amount of SOC present in the soil to 30 cm depth of 1 hectare of land can be worked out as follows. 


Organic carbon in your paddock

Soil organic carbon is usually reported as a percentage of your topsoil (0 – 10) cm. This value can be converted to a meaningful volume for a paddock. For example:

i.e. 10,000 m2 in one hectare x 0.1 m soil depth x 1.4 g/cm3 bulk density x 1.2 % = 16.8 t/ha.

Authors: Wayne Pluske (Nutrient Management Systems), Daniel Murphy (The University of Western Australia) and Jessica
 (Avon Catchment Council).

How Much Carbon Can Soil Store

Key points

  • Increasing the total organic carbon in soil may decrease atmospheric carbon dioxide and increases soil quality.
  • The amount of organic carbon stored in soil is the sum of inputs to soil (plant and animal residues) and losses from soil (decomposition, erosion and offtake in plant and animal production).
  • The maximum capacity of soil to store organic carbon is determined by soil type (% clay).
  • Management practices that maximise plant growth and minimise losses of organic carbon from soil will result in greatest organic carbon storage in soil.

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